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20 minute laughter session daily at 10am EST (Eastern Standard Time) GMT -5

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With growing popularity of Laughter Yoga, more people want to get involved, but many find they do not have a laughter club in their area.

Skype Laughter Club is proving to be an effective means for people to connect and laugh with others in a group dynamic. Skype Laughter Club Canada follows the same simple format being used by other Skype Laughter Clubs where the sessions are approximately 15 - 20 minutes duration and are facilitated by volunteer members of Laughter Yoga International. There is no speaking involved - everyone simply laughs. Messaging can take place using the available message box and people can share a fun and joyful interaction while reaping the benefits that come through laughter.


How to join Skype Laughter Club Canada

Use link below to register on main Laughter Yoga website (please provide name, Skype name, email, country).You will receive an invitation via Skype to connect you with Skype laughter Club Canada. Please accept the invitation.

There are wonderful session hosts who are happy to help you and welcome you to the group.

The session host on Skype will send out a group message 10 minutes before the session starts. If you miss the group invite, please send only a message to join the session (a 'smiley' is good). The session host will receive your message and invite you to join. Please do not call as this crashes the group session. 

When the session host places the call (at the scheduled time), simply answer by clicking on the answer button and begin laughing by saying ha ha ha ...  You don’t have to laugh continously, you can take time to breathe deeply and fully and allow your body to relax. Staying hydrated is recommended, so have water available.

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